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Life is too short not to travel!

Thin air at 5,100m above sea level at the Chimborazo Mountain 6,263m. The highest peak near the equator.

We are Ombi and Alex, an Australian/ Ecuadorian couple who have, between us, visited some 90 countries and speak three languages; English, Italian and Spanish. We are intrepid travellers at heart. We are currently back in Melbourne after travelling the world for almost two and a half years. On this last trip we visited four continents and some 22 countries. It was every bit of WOW! After a little holiday back in our home town of Melbourne, we'll start thinking about where to next! 

Veryitchyfeet.com – A lifetime of travel adventures...new website is coming soon!

Annapurna Trek. Sunrise at Poon Hill look out! 

We often get asked what our favourite countries are. We like really off-the-beaten track and the less visited places; Slovenia, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Colombia ... just way too many to list!

Work with us:

  • Do you have products or services that are off the beaten travel path?  
  • Do you offer customised and unusual travel experiences? 
  • Does your company product or service promote ethical and eco-travel adventures?
  • Does your company promote social good initiatives that contribute to local people? 
      We would love to hear from you :)

What we do:

  • Travel writing/ storytelling
  • Sponsored travel blogs
  • Product and Service reviews
  • Image/Video blogging & production
  • Social Media Management and Marketing 
  • Technology consulting 
  • Public Speaking
  • Brand/product ambassadors
  • Spanish/ English content translation 
  • Travel culture awareness
  • Travel content strategy
  • New market reach
  • Volunteering
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorship
  • Travel Tech news*
  • Expert travel advice and insights (30 years of travel over 90 countries) 
  • Networking 
* Coming soon

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Melbourne – Australia | Quito – Ecuador

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