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The Amazon ... Ecuadorian style!

It was now time to get off the beaten track.  We had seen and done so much in Ecuador over our various trips over the years, but had never been to the south-eastern part of the Oriente (Ecuador's Amazon, where the Andes meet the lowland areas of rainforest in the Amazonian basin). We looked at a map and said, "Right, where to"? For all of Ecuador's beauty and fascinating places to see, the government does an appalling job at promoting tourism, and information, especially on places not oft visited is scarce.  But we were determined!  Ummmm, Zamora?  We were able to scrounge some information from the internet: "The bus ride here is itself worthwhile, with the road snaking down from the sierra past numerous waterfalls, giving occasional views onto miles of densely forested hills." SOLD!

The bus ride was indeed spectacular! As we got lower we could feel the vegetation becoming increasingly lush and giant ferns were hanging over the road.  At 970 metres above s…