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Chulumani ... another hidden gem.

The road to Chulumani was bumpy, very bumpy!  But we were excited; a place I had not been to before and we had heard so many good things about it ... primarily that it was not touristy.  Let's go! The four hour ride presented us with some spectacular views and scenery and although not the Death Road, there were still some bits where it was quite narrow and the sheer drops, quite literally, took our breath away.

Upon our arrival, we could see that it was a quaint little place.  Mostly indigenous folk, not that big, a Chulumani.  Apart from the fact that the rooms were gorgeous and comfortable, the place surrounded by foliage and birds, and that it had a swimming pool and felt like a retreat ... the owner absolutely made it!  Javier, originally from La Paz, was beyond knowledgeable about the area and with his effervescent personality and desire to show and tell us what to do and see we had an absolute blast and ended up staying there for over a week.  I loved the fact that until t…