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On a high!

Very high, actually, Potosi is arguably the world's highest city, at 4090 metres above sea level. Even then the nearby Cerro Potosi dominates the landscape. It's a place where it's exercise just breathing and headaches are the order of the day, as the body tries to adjust to much less oxygen. Having said that, the Salt Flats most certainly gave Potosi a run for its money.  In this high altitude panadol and I have been besties! And that's coming from the gal who hates to use any medicine unless there is no other option!

Potosi is a lovely place to just hang around and take it easy. The two main things it is renowned for is its silver mines and the National Mint (Casa de la Moneda). As I have gotten older, there are just some things I can't do anymore, the mines being one of them.  I did the tour in 1999 and was not going to do it again. Also known as Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain), the peak's huge supply of silver has led to both immense riches and appalling sufferin…