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Bolivia blows us away!

Second time around, Bolivia was as beautiful as the first, when I first visited it in 1999. Still rustic, still raw, still very beautiful! It truly does have some of the most spectacular scenery on this earth. We had such an amazing time, so much so that that I had no time to write, or at least I did not make the time ... way too busy enjoying ourselves!  So, in the next couple of blogs I hope that I can delight you with some brilliant pictures that will tell the story that my fingers have not had the time to type.

We crossed the border from Argentina into Bolivia at Villazon, and made our way directly to Tupiza, only a couple of hours up north. Wow, amazing how a border can make such a difference.  This is Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) country! At 3160 metres above sea level, it's pretty high ... having said that we spent a lot of our time in Bolivia in high altitude ... where the breathing's tough, but the views spectacular!

Tranquil, relaxed Tupiza provided us with some great m…