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Jungle time ... from Macas to Yasuni National Park, the most biologically diverse spot on Earth!

We'd been to or through Macas a couple of times over the years, and this time we would pass through on our way to a  remote part of Ecuador's Amazon basin, to see Alex's Uncle Jorge. It's also known as the "Emerald of the East", due to its location just east of the Andes mountains.  Few tourists actually make it to the town with so few tourist trappings, but it's raw, it's real and it's worth a look-see. We ate some decent food and went on some lovely walks with Jorje, from where we could see the perfect snow-covered cone of Volcan Sangay (5230 metres).  It's Ecuador's seventh' highest mountain and one of the world's most active.  It can be glimpsed on a clear day ... we saw it in all of its glory.  Lady Luck was on our side!

It was lovely to relax, eat, catch up with Jorge, go for casual walks, observe the people and the way they lived.  Sometimes it's not just about seeing and doing but about absorbing and letting things …