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And so we were off ... Buenos Aires here we come!

Getting ready for a one-month trip is one thing.  Getting ready for one of a year is entirely another! Although I finished up work several weeks before our departure on 13 August, I never expected that we would have so many things to do, wrap up and finalise. We were literally pumping until the eleventh hour. We decided months ago that we'd go away for a year ... of work ... play ... perhaps a sabbatical ... to South America ... Asia Minor ... eastern Europe ... Italy perhaps ... the Greek Islands?! We figured that buying a cheap return ticket to South America would be a great start although the actual journey and destinations were still unknown. Six months in South America and another six in Europe, ' somewhere in Europe', sounded like a plan. Thus the idea was born and the tickets bought! First destination, Buenos Aires.
Of course you can't multi-task in a rat race, which is what we felt we were living in, so how could we possibly plan a trip of such magnitude? Too bu…