We came, we ate, we shopped ... Bangkok style

By Ombi and Alex - April 12, 2014

I want that Barbie t-shirt!
We had a mission in Bangkok !  To eat good food and shop! Whilst the food in Myanmar was palatable and at times even delicious (particularly the veggie dishes), it really had nothing on Thai food.  Bangkok has, in many ways, become a home away from home, as we now know where to stay, where to shop and what to buy!

We had a mission, and we were going to accomplish eat ... eat well and shop! We only had a couple of days, but our mission was clear!

I have written about Bangkok ad nauseum in other posts, so this one will tell the story with photos (more than usual, anyway).



"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything". - Albert Einstein

Thailand wants democracy, and they want it now!

The Bangkok protests.

The people of Thailand speak out.

There ain't a revolution without technology!

The people of Thailand want to be heard!

Not what I'd call my accessory store.

Face book thongs in Khao San Rd.

A bit of shopping ... a bit of coconut ice-cream.

Rattanakosin Festival. Bangkok.

Rattanakosin Festival. Bangkok.

Rattanakosin Festival. Bangkok.
Holding up the fort, Bangkok.

My kinda t-shirt!

Face cream!!??
Takeaway Pad Thai at Bangkok Airport ... till we meet again.

Shopping at Chatachuk.

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