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A hill tribe Christmas

Seriously, what bus gets into ... anywhere ... at 3.30am! Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go! The bus dumped the three of us (we were travelling with our French friend Fabien) somewhere on the side of the road in the little hamlet of Hsipaw. We had a map and so the three of us navigated our way to Mr Charles Guest House.  It didn't take us long to get there, but everything was still very quiet and the gates to the hotel closed.  We tried to quietly get someone's attention, and after ten minutes or so, someone finally let us in.  What to do? We relaxed for an hour or so, and then walked over to Hsipaw's fresh produce market, which starts at 4.30am.  We were not going to be able to check in until much later, so we figured we may as well use our time wisely.
Whilst I do love markets, getting up at the crack of dawn is not generally something that excites me.  But here we were ... the market was lit up by low-level lighting, and people were selling all types of fresh p…

Some say Myanmar ... some say Burma

With only a couple of months behind me since I'd been to Thailand, oops, I was doing it again! Well, actually, Alex and I would do a few days in Bangkok, followed by a little over two weeks Myanmar (Burma) followed by a final last few days in Bangkok (read ... I really wanted to make sure I got to the infamous Chatachuk market). Myanmar or Burma?  That would require a post (or two) unto itself!

Having just secured a new job, and with both Alex and I having a couple of weeks off over Christmas, we decided to get away. What better way to spend our 'free time' than travelling? Around the festive season there is no such thing as a cheap ticket, so we did our best by buying a Melbourne-Bangkok return and a Bangkok-Yangon (capital of Myanmar) return with Air Asia. To be frank (would you expect anything less from me?); I love bypassing the festive debacle. As much as I love my family, I love 'missing out on' the presents, the hype, the commercialism, and a tradition I fin…