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One night (OK so it was four) in Bangkok

This trip was proving to be lots of fun and I had , as usual, been able to pack in a fair bit.  Pong and Link had asked me to come back and stay with them for my last few days, but I had some serious 'Bangkok cramming' to do and I needed to be in the middle of the action to do it.

I had already booked my hotel, Siam 2 in Banglamphu. We had stayed there there on our last trip so I knew exactly what to expect and how to get there. It was comfy, clean and close enough to the action without actually being in it. The minibus from Kanchanaburi stopped very close by and I swaggered to my accommodation like a local ... although I am sure that with my backpack, I hardly looked like one!  This part of Bangkok always feels like home to me!

I was on a mission ... as Alex tells me, I usually am! I immediately went to my 'local' dentist and made an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and checked.  I only ever use dentists in Australia if I have to as they are exorbitant compared t…

Doin' it Thai style ... hanging out with the locals

Packed and ready to go, the next part of my adventure was about to begin. Pong’s parents, Chai and Ta, have a holiday house in Kanchanaburi province, but since Chai retired a few years back they go there much more frequently. Pong made me out a handwritten map, with excellent directions in Thai. I had to first catch a bus to Kanchanaburi, and then an ongoing bus to Thong Pha Phum, from where her parents would pick me up. Their house is then some 10 kilometres away.  Pong’s map was a bonus!  As a backpacker I am accustomed to playing it by ear and winging it. Having said that, mobile technology has most certainly changed the way we do things. With all of us liaising on our mobiles, pinpointing my pick up was easy. Many would argue that this takes some of the fun and excitement out of travelling. Hmm, another discussion for another day.