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When the going gets tough ... travel!

One door shuts and another door opens!  Oh, how I love the travelling door!  She is always kind to me; never creaks, never hard to open and always opens with the first push.  So, in between jobs, I decided to sneak away to Thailand for a couple of weeks ... as you do!  Organising the gig?  Yeh, that would be five days prior, and booking the cheapest flight I could, which ended up being on Royal Brunei. October's not a bad month to travel through Thailand.  OK so it's the monsoon season, but seriously, worse things could happen in life!

I thus spent the nights of my last working week getting myself organised for Thailand.  Yep, finished work on the Friday, and was flying to Thailand on the Saturday. Whoo, hoo!

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go and I had just over two weeks to do it.  Alex and Dad took me to the airport, and before I knew it I was off.  In usual Ombi style, I introduced myself to the guy sitting next to me, and Daryl and I had o…