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Happy Mother's Day New York Style

Another trip, and so soon after Vanuatu ... not for me, but for Alex! With the envious position of being in between jobs, Alex decided to surprise his mother in New York for Mother's Day ... as you do!

Booking his ticket with frequent flyer points at the last minute, and only letting his younger sister Angie (who was born in New York and lives there with his mum) in on the secret, he literally rocked up in New York on Mother's Day.

His mum, Rocio, had absolutely no idea, and was dumbstruck when there was a knock on the door and she turned around to see Alex ... absolutely and most definitely gob-smacked!

Alex spent the next two and a half weeks hanging out with his mum and doing a bit of shopping.  Whilst Alex hates shopping as much as I do, New York isn't a bad place to be when you need some new clothes for a new job!  I am glad that it was his mum and not me helping him out. Two people who hate shopping, shopping together...uuuuuugggggggh!

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