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"I do" she said, with the breeze billowing through her hair ...

We spent Easter Sunday mostly hanging out at A Room With a View, but also went for a walk around town. The next day we would make our way to White Sands Beach where Chloe and Trevor would be getting married on the Tuesday. On Monday we called Cheryl (the bride's mum) who organised someone from the resort to pick us up. In no time at all, much less than we thought actually, we were at Tamanu on the Beach chatting to Chloe, Cheryl and Paige, Chloe's sister. If I may say so myself, it was a pretty spectacular resort, and the outdoor dining area and accommodation were all right on the sea.  Needless to say, the views was spectacular, and the view like something directly out of a movie; iridescent white sand, waving palm trees and turquoise water. Tomorrow, the wedding would be held on the beach. Hugs all around and then we hung around and chatted for a while before Cheryl took Alex and I to our accommodation.

The guests were staying in a range of places from Tamanu on the Beach i…