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End of year festivities ... Ecuadorian style

This year Alex and I decided that we would not give any Christmas presents, as apart from the fact that neither of us are believers, we find the commercialism and money spent around the event rather offensive. We have slowly been cutting back over the years, and this year we decided ... no more!  We did decide to 'give', however, in another way. Our brother-in-law Christian's auntie is involved with a poor community on the outskirts of Quito. For the last five or so years, she and her extended family (on Christian's mother's side), go out to the community close to Christmas and spend a day there. Each family donates food and goods (such as clothes and shoes) as well as organise a pantomime and activities for the children. Everybody gets involved, adults and children alike, and in the true spirit of Christmas it's all about giving! This year, we got involved too.

In the weeks before the visit, each family donates something like tuna, corn flower or margarine (s…