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Showing Dad how it's done in Ecuador

The first few days in Quito, Ecuador's capital, were spent hanging out at home, acclimatising and reconnecting with our family. Normally, we jokingly call it 'Full House' for all the people that live there, but with us there as well it was more like 'Packed to the Rafters'!  Add Alex, Dad and I to: Karen, Christian, Denisse, Axel, Thomas, Isabella and Jean Pierre (Alex's brother). That's a lot of people in a smallish apartment! But it was wonderful! Dad felt comfortable from day dot!

Over the coming weeks, Dad would really bond with all of them. Language wasn't a big problem, as most of Alex's family speak English in varying degrees ... he also had two personal translators/ interpreters with him! Little Isabella took a real shine to Dad and he soon became 'Nonno' (Grandpa in Italian). Actually, we all got side-swiped for Nonno, as when he was around it was Nonno this and Nonno that. It was lovely to see! Dad has always been great with kids;…

Ecuador via Fort Myers, Florida

As usual, I find myself asking where time goes.  It's the middle of March and we've been already been back from our last overseas sojourn for over two months yet, somehow, I simply haven't been able to find the time to put 'fingertips to keyboard'.  Well, here goes!

We were ready to embark on a different type of trip this time; Dad was coming with us to meet the family in Ecuador. We would be going for almost six weeks, and would spend the first few days in Florida, USA. Bags packed and everything under control, he would have two 'experienced guides' to show him the way! It was exciting. Alex and I have been together since 1999 and Dad has never met anyone from his family as they mostly live in Ecuador, with the exception of his mum and sister in New York and cousin in Fort Myers, Florida. There is no short cut to get to Ecuador!  It's long and it's tiring, but we decided to break up the trip and stop over in Fort Myers before going on to Quito.