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Wrapping up the year

We were only JUST saying goodbye to Denisse in Australia, and now we are JUST about to go and see her in Ecuador!  How did that happen?! It's certainly been a very interesting year - one full of surprises, changes and challenges.

Wow, where has 2012 (almost) gone? The house felt strange after Denisse left in May. She had certainly brought a vitality and spark to it, which we certainly missed when she left. The first few weeks felt strange, but like most things in life, you learn to readjust and cope. We decided that we would visit India over Christmas, so that kept our minds occupied as well as gave us something to look forward to. We bought the Lonely Planet India guide and started to ask friends about where to go and what to see. It has been on our 'to do' list for ages.

August 10 ... Happy Birthday Alex! A quiet night at home with the family.  I had an idea, and I shared it with Alex. "Hey, why don't you ask Dad for a birthday present?  Tell him that you want …