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And now for a litle bit of Australia

We arrived back from Thailand on 9 April, and Denisse would be flying home via Florida on 6 May. It was hard to believe that her time here in Australia was coming to an end. Six months had gone just like that! We had tried to do as much as we could with her; she had seen a lot of Victoria and even gone overseas to Thailand, but she had not been to Sydney ... yet!  We all know how much better Melbourne is than Sydney (lol), but we could not possibly send her home without having seen some of our national icons. So, as soon as we were back in Australia, we were looking for cheap flights to Sydney. We ended up getting a great deal through Tiger, leaving early on a Saturday morning and coming home on a Sunday night).

What didn't we do on that weekend?  We had purchased a weekend travel pass which we would be able to use on all trains, buses and ferries, and our plan was to max it out, seeing as much as we could! Upon arrival we made our way to Bondi Beach, which is quintessentially…

Ancient ruins and Bangkok madness

The bus took around two hours from Bangkok and before we knew it we were in the bustling city of Ayutthaya; certainly not as big as other Thai cities, but still crowded with people by our standards. It was just after midday and it was hot and humid (as usual!). The usual task awaited us ... the hunt for a place to sleep. Whilst Denisse and Alex waited with the back packs, I went and did my thing.  It felt particularly hot as I trudged through the streets checking various places out.  Ironically, and almost an hour later, we ended up finding a place to stay very close to where we had started. I was knackered!  We dumped our stuff, and spent the afternoon walking around, 'checking things out' and eating. It's Alex's national past time and, as I was learning (when she likes the food!) Denisse's too!

People are indeed drawn to Ayutthaya by the prospect of ruined temples.  I had been here years prior and, once again, it did not disappoint.  The Ayuthaya Historical Park