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Deni Down Under

Whoooooooosh! That's how fast the last six months have gone!  It feels like only yesterday that we were in Ecuador and Argentina, but so much has happened since then. I have hardly had a second to breathe (I am writing this in mid-May 2012). 

We had been discussing Alex's niece, Denisse, coming to Australia for the best part of the first half of 2011 but, due to a number of reasons, it was put on hold. When Alex and I went to Ecuador in August of last year, we started to try and 'firm things up', but if any of you know anything about Ecuadorian bureaucracy, it's a nightmare. Little issues become major obstacles, and things that would normally take no more than  20 minutes in Australia take days in Ecuador!  Alex and I are pretty persistent folk though, so by the time we left, in the latter part of September, 'things' were mostly ready to go.  

We were waiting on the Australian Embassy in Chile (no, there isn't one in Ecuador!), to give Denisse the A-OK. T…