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Getting up to speed and on the Beaton track

Singapore in a flash was our last blog, and in a flash seems to aptly describe the velocity at which this year seems to be flying by. See the theme here? Flash, velocity, flying? In lay person's English ...where has this year gone ... well, going? It's July!

A lot has happened since our trip to Thailand and Singapore over Christmas, but we're hoping that August will also arrive in a flash, so to speak, as Alex and I are off to Ecuador and Argentina for almost five weeks.  Whilst the bulk will be spent with family in Ecuador, we will also make some time, on the way home, to see some very dear friends, all of whom Alex has met, but whom I have met on my travels over the years. Not surprisingly, none of them in Ecuador.

Rewind ... after such a relaxing and wonderful trip to Thailand, it was back to the grindstone in Melbourne. Yes, we work to live and not live to work, so we always try and do different things on the weekend, which often includes planning our next trip. Our ac…