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Singapore in a flash

We did Singapore in such a flash that I almost forgot that we had done it. You have to love airlines such as Jetstar for their capacity to be able to offer such cheap flights. It does come at a cost sometimes, however, which is not necessarily financial. We did not really want to hang around an airport for almost a day (as we were arriving mid morning and would be leaving later in the evening). Would we leave the airport? Would it cost to get out? Was it worth the cost? Could we store our backpacks somewhere? Could we find something to do for a few hours? We had done no research on this at all, as we simply had not made it our priority. I figured that we'd work it out!

Upon disembarking, we walked around the airport like Alice of Alice in Wonderland ...eyes wide and mouth gaping! Well, Singapore and its airport were not quite what I had expected, although I must be fair and say that I am not sure what my expectations really were. Singapore's Changi Airport is a destination un…

Paradise Updated

Oops, mixed up our entries. This post should have actually come before the last one (Bangkok) ... enjoy!

We had no option but to get up early, as the fast boat we had chosen to Ko Kood was leaving early (being someone who likes to sleep in, and especially whilst on holiday, this was much to Alex's chagrin). We had an idea of where we might stay as we'd been there before. We met a lovely young Swedish couple on the boat, Johanna and Thomas and they asked if they could get off with us and check out the place that we were possibly going to stay at. Of course! As we got closer to the island and dropped people off at their various destinations, we admired the beauty of the island and its clear, sparkling turquoise waters. Now THIS was the paradise that we had been wanting to see. Ko Kood is still scarcely developed, and those of us who make it here, spread ourselves out over a small number of places to stay. The most amazing thing is that most of the places have their own private …