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5,4,3,2,1 ... Happy New Year Bangkok

The week had flown, but we'd had so much fun. Unfortunately, time usually goes go all too quickly when on holidays. We were very excited; we were going back to our beloved Bangkok (people either love it or hate it ... we love it!), where amongst many things, we would also be hanging out with our very special friend Dan.We had met Dan in Laos six years ago, but had then also visited him in his native Canada three years ago. He'd been teaching English in Thailand for the last year. He was coming from up north, where he was teaching, and we from the islands in the south ... our meeting date was the day before new year.

Dan had organised for us to stay at The Suan Dusit Place, and whilst we thought it was lovely and both clean and friendly, we felt that it was a 'little far from the action'. So ... we decided to hit our famous (and old stomping ground) Khao San Road (or as Dan likes to call it Khao San 'freak' Road), also known as the backpacker's mecca!  Dan is…

How to beat the consumerist Christmas debacle

That's easy... run away!  And where to?  Who cares!  Overseas is always a good option!  It's quite funny, when people see me after not having seen me for a while, I usually get asked, "So, where are you going to next?" It's usually said tongue in cheek, but the ironic thing is that I usually HAVE booked a holiday to ... somewhere!  We knew months ago that we wanted to spend Christmas overseas, and so we diligently plowed through our options.  We also knew that it had to be something relatively cheap, as we would like to go to Ecuador some time in the not too distant future, and getting to South America isn't ever on the cheap side.  It was in September or so that we stared scouring for cheap destinations and flights.  We ended up finding a pretty good deal with Jetstar to Thailand ... no food included, no screens for movies, basic ... yes, yes, yes ... who said it's about the journey and not the destination? They got it all wrong, it's the destination…