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A housewarming and birthday all rolled into one

I cannot believe that it has already been over three months since we came back from Malaysia.  So much has happened in that time.  Alex had his birthday, I resigned from my job and we moved into our new little place in Coburg North.

I should mention that we also had our dear friends Yuko San and Nashville San visit us, literally two days before we flew out to Malaysia, at the end of June.  Really, it was hardly enough time, but unfortunately, we had all booked our tickets way in advance, getting us cheap flights that neither of us was able to change.  We definitely made the best of those two days however, and crammed in as much as we could.  After picking them up from the airport, we
dropped them off at their hotel, and later it was dinner at Dad's.  The next day we visited the Melbourne Museum, followed by a typical Italian lunch in Lygon Street.  Yuko and Yuji (who we fondly refer to as Shopping San and Nashville San; Yuko because she likes shopping and Yuji as he plays the guita…

Last but not least, Penang

Where was I?  Oh yes, we were flying to Penang at some ungodly hour, and were hoping to rock up at the Oriental Hotel in its capital Georgetown, and find a spare room or two.  We arrived in Penang, picked up our luggage and caught a taxi to the Oriental Hotel.  We got out of the cab, paid the taxi driver and looked at the hotel.  It definitely looked dodgy brothers, but hey, it was after 2.00am, and how bad could it be...all we needed was a few hours sleep and then we could move, right?   Geez, we missed the signs again, the warning bells should have been louder than tinnitus, but no, it was late, and clearly desperation had taken a grip, a firm grip!  We walked in and organised and paid for a room to stay in; I have to say, none of us were feeling warm and fuzzy about any of this!  Time was a tickin' the lift we go, and reach our floor.  The corridor felt like a fridge and our room like a freezer.  Add to that that it didn't pass the Ombi "clean test" ( I admit…