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Catching up with old friends in Buenos Aires

Argentina certainly ain't the cheap place it used to be ... well it was expensive, then cheap, and now, well it's certainly not the place to get your bargains! Argentina has had a tumultuous last ten or fifteen years, but I do not even want to get into the politics. The last time Alex and I had been to Buenos Aires (apart from overnight a few weeks back) was in 2000 on our way back 'home' when Alex had decided to come and live with me in Australia. We were arriving early on Monday morning and would be leaving the following Saturday. I know, not a lot of time, but we were here on a mission – to catch up with three sets of very, very dear friends.

The flight from Quito to Buenos Aires (BA) was rather uneventful, in that all went well and we arrived safely. Leaving Ecuador always has me reflecting on my time there, Alex's time there and life in general, and it's always hard. I have, over the years, come to terms with the fact that I will always straddle the two c…

Ecuador, Ecuador and more Ecuador.

We had so much fun in the 'full house' we stayed in for three and a half weeks in Ecuador. We laughed, we cried, we shared and I fell more in love with my new little niece, Isabella, by the day. I love all my nieces and nephews equally, but it was the first time we 'met' Isabella (as opposed to goo and gaa at her over skype). Whilst it made me happy to see that little bundle of joy giggling and smiling at me, I was also accutely aware that it would end soon enough, and that I would have to revert back to watching her grow over Face Book and skype.  How things have changed!  (Geez, now I sound like my mother). I love Ecuador and I love my family there.
What didn't we do whilst we were there?  Apart from lots of socialising, eating and doing things such as visiting the dentist (way cheaper than back at home) we spent lots of quality time just hanging out.  On our second weekend in Ecuador, all of Alex's family on his mum's side was invited to go to Ibarra to…