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Going, going, gone...the sequel!

You may recall, only a couple of blogs back, another blog entitled, "2009...Going, going...gone!"  Well, only a few months on, it's not just 2009 that seems to have gone, but what is soon to become a sizable chunk of our after months and months of searching, Alex and I FINALLY bought a town house!  After "seriously" taking up looking from November last year, we found out how truly time -consuming the quest for  a home could be, including attending auctions that would go ridiculously and obscenely above the reserve.  Weekdays seemed to be spent looking FOR properties, and Saturdays looking AT them, which really didn't leave much time to do much else.  The rest of the story will soon follow.

Fed up of house-hunting, I'd read that there was a Buddhist Festival at a Buddhist Temple in Yuroke, just under 30 kilometres away from the CBD.  Alex and I went with Linda, and had a really relaxing Sunday afternoon.  It was lovely to just stroll around th…