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Summarise, shmumarise!

Can someone PLEASE tell me how we got to the 8th March 2010? I've missed something, haven't I? There's another way...there HAS to be another way for time to have gone by this quickly! Somebody, somewhere, is not telling me something! What's happening? I have been saying for weeks that I need to write another blog, that I need to update what has been happening, and as I read the last blog (posted in the first days of this year), I also noticed my promise to write more in the new year, otherwise it would be too difficult to summarise. Well, summarise, shmumerise, here I am nearly 10 weeks down the track, and yes, I will have to summarise!

Labour Day! Yes, it's taken a public holiday for me to be able to "find the time" to sit down and tap away, but thus far, it's been quite an eventful year, to say the least. On the 4th of January my mum's first cousin Giovanni, affectionately known as "Giovannino", flew here from Las Vegas (where he lives)…