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Borneo and the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival

Borneo!  For me it has always conjured up images of the wild man of Borneo, headhunters and orangutans.  Having said that, I must say that prior to this trip I did not really know much about this place.  Borneo is actually the third largest country in the world, lies north of Australia and is administratively made up of three countries, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Sabah and Sarawak are the two Malaysian states and Kalimantan is the Indonesian one.  Confused?  So was I!  Spending a bit of time there, however, helped me to wrap my head around it.  Borneo proved to be an exciting as well as interesting place, and we didn't spend nearly enough time there.  This is definitely a place that I would like to come back to and explore.

Whilst our destination was Kuching, we had to fly from Miri.  Without getting into it, Air Asia does not fly from the capital of Brunei to Kuching, so we had to catch a bus across the border to Miri, which is in Malaysia, and then take a flight …

Hi ho, hi ho, it's overseas we go...Brunei Darussalam

C'mon, give me a was ABSOLUTELY time for another trip!  Hey, we didn't go anywhere last Christmas, and we'd been to Ecuador way back in mid-1999, so we were about due.  To be fair, we'd already booked this trip to Malaysia with our friend Linda back in September 2009.  Keen, hey! What can I say...if you can't physically travel immediately, the next best thing has got to be making the booking!  OK, OK, I don't even try and hide it anymore...I'm a travel junkie!

Linda had told us about the Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival (this is the 2010 event link, but here is the one for the upcoming event in 2011)  in Borneo, and it all sounded very exciting to Alex and I.  The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together renowned world musicians from all continents as well as indigenous musicians from the island of Borneo.  It has been going for approximately eight years and its success has largely been due to all…

Inti Raymi...Australian Style!

As I tap away, I am acutely aware that we are almost in the month of  November, which would not normally be such a big deal, except for the fact that the last time I updated my blog was months ago!  I have been meaning to write for weeks, months really, yet that elusive thing called time always seems to somehow, well, elude me!  Having said that, I have decided this fine Sunday morning that "the woman on a mission" has a new mission, which is to write a series of blogs that will update you on mine and Alex's comings and goings over the last few months or so!!  So, let me get  cracking.

In Late June my close group of friends that I fondly refer to as the "South America Contingent" collectively organised an Inti Raymi Party.  Inti Raymi, or the "Festival of the Sun" (to be exact, "resurrection of the sun"  in the Quechua language) was a religious ceremony of the Inca Empire to honour the Incan Sun God, Inti.  It also marked the winter solstice …

The art of being humble!

As part of my work at Inclusive Leisure Victoria (ILV), which does policy and advocacy work around the inclusion of people with a disability in the recreation and sport sectors, I attended a meeting yesterday at YDAS, or Youth Disability Advocacy Service.  I know, the acronym is a bit of a clanger, but the work they do is amazing.  The first few lines on their home page state:

"The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) is raising voices, expanding choices and creating change for young people with disabilities in Victoria, Australia.

YDAS works alongside young people with disabilities between the ages of 12 and 25 to raise awareness of their rights and to support them to achieve what they want."

What was I doing and who attended the meeting? May I begin by saying that Dr George Teleporos, who is the coordinator of YDAS, runs monthly Saturday meetings with a group of young people to discuss a range of issues which may affect them.   Last year, before I began work at ILV, my o…