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A Window into Latin America - slide show videos

Following on from our last blog, we are posting the video of the slide show, A Window into Latin America, that Alex put together for the Renew the Spirit fundraiser we held in November of this year. In its original format it's about 35 minutes long. Alex has broken it up into five parts for easier viewing. All of the videos, except for the introduction and the last one, are also posted on You Tube, grab yourself a cuppa or refreshment, kick back...and comment if you wish!

Introduction and photos to the Renew the Spirit Foundation:

Part 1. A Window into Latin America, covers the following countries:
Peru, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands (which are part of Ecuador) , Colombia and Panama.

Part 2. A Window into Latin America, covers Costa Rica, Nicaragua , Honduras, Belize and Guatemala.

Part 3. A Window into Latin America, covers Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Part 4. A Window into Latin America, covers Cuba and Mexico.

We hope you enjoy the vide…

A Window into Latin America

Well, it has certainly been a while since I have blogged. Busy, busy, busy! Well, that's my excuse. 2009 has been an incredibly full on year for me, with lots of changes and adjustments. But, would I want it any other way? More on this in the next blog.

This blog will focus on the fundraiser that Alex and I are currently involved in helping out with. Like everything else in my life, this too has a story. Way back almost two years ago, when Alex and I returned from our 16 month trip around the world trip, we told our dear fried, Phil West, that we would help him out with some fundraising for the foundation he started and directs: "Renew the Spirit Foundation - Healing the Hearts of Child Survivors of War and Terrorism". Well, one thing led to another, and nothing ever happened...Alex and I were both looking for work...then it was Christmas... then we went to Ecuador and the USA for five weeks, and then we started to think, "Hey, it's almost Christmas 2009"…