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The race against time, greed and ourselves.

2008 was an incredible year, which whizzed by at a speed I would have formerly thought of as impossible. Sadly, since our 16 month trip around-the-world was completed on Christmas Day 2007, I have not written a solitary blog. There seems to be no time. Or……is there? Am I getting older? Is the world spinning faster? Am I procrastinating? Simply making excuses? Upon reflection, the answer still eludes me, but I am aware that I have neglected both a passion and something which I love doing….telling many a story in the only way I know how to: with honesty, intensity, integrity and passion, even if at times blunt! You either love it or hate it; it’s my truth and my reality…..the world according to Ombi! It’s been a long time between breaks, but I am back on board, committed to sharing my love of both travel and the people who live in our fascinating world. With excuses, aside, I am ready to say……”let the show begin”!

Before I lunge into it, I want to thank Alex for his amazing photos. What…