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Wrapping and lapping it up in Bangkok.

As soon as we arrived in Trat (via the back of a pick-up) we made it to the bus station, where we promptly caught the first bus to Bangkok. We just had enough time to grab some munchies, and get on the bus. The ride was rather comfortable, and as it was only five hours, not too long. I couldn't believe it, we actually only had days to go before we'd be back in Melbourne. We'd kept it a big secret, and Dad didn't even know yet. I was planning on telling him once in Bangkok. I felt like I'd died and was racing towards the white light, with my life flashing before me, except this version was a little different. My life went back to August 18th, 2006, when we'd embarked on this journey, after which 27 countries and 16 months flashed before me. Wow! We had seen, done and experienced so much. I figured the end of the tunnel was Melbourne! I felt overwhelmed. I'd lived to be able to tell, yet another of my many travel tales. As most of you would only know too well…