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Saigon, the Mekong Delta and beyond.

We had heard horror stories about Saigon, or as it is correctly referred to nowadays, Ho Chi Minh City. Although Ho Chi Minh City has been the city's official name since 1976, it is still often referred to as Saigon. We had heard that it was dangerous, full of pick pockets, that you would be easily robbed, that it was dirty and that it was a waste of time. We actually really enjoyed it, and had no problems whatsoever. Having said that, after 15 months on the road, Alex and I have a small array of combat moves, both physical and verbal, in order to disarm anyone who challenges us. Our recent blogs have most possibly demonstrated this. If Alex is Bruce Lee, I am Madam Lash (as in tongue)! My tongue is quicker than the speed of light. Again, many of my family and friends will attest to this. I can see my Dad nodding his head in agreement!

We thoroughly enjoyed the food in Saigon, and I want to make a special mention of the street food: the iced coffee (I chose to ignore the …