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Moroccan Whiskey.......and a Funky Blue Medina.

No sooner had we set food on terra firma than we noticed that there were cafes everywhere, predominantly patronised by men I might add. No sandwiches or snacks, just lots of good coffee and Moroccan whisky, with an obscene amount of sugar. Sugar in whiskey, I hear you ask? Well, Moroccan whiskey is the term used for the ubiquitous mint tea here. As it is a Muslim country and, in theory at least, alcohol is not served, this is conjunction with the proliferation and abundance of mint, has given this country its famed and of drunk beverage. Not a bad "drop" I might add, although with the shameless amount of sugar that goes into each glass, one soon reaches saturation point.....pun, very intended!

Tangier was not really what I had expected. As soon as we stepped off the boat and into the port, I realised that it was much more modern and cosmopolitan than I had envisaged. I suppose with Egypt still very fresh in my mind, I was expecting something much more conservative. I probably…

Our brief flirtation with Spain.

We have now definitely got the pedal to the metal! With only weeks left on our ticket, we are now practising the art of " getting it together" as quickly, efficiently and smoothly as we can. And I must say, we are doing a pretty good job.

As our next flight is from Casablanca (in Morocco) to Madrid, the idea is to do a little of the Spanish coast, before catching a ferry to Morocco from around southern Spain. We figured we could spare a week in Spain! Our flight across was fluid, and we caught a bus to La Rambla, which is Barcelona's main drag. It was around 10.00pm and it was pumping! There were bodies, street entertainers and vendors everywhere. I wondered where the party was.....there is NO party, we were told....this is La Rambla 24/7, all year around! Looking for a place was...a little tricky....not only was it expensive, but almost everything was booked. So, we did the old traipsing door to door, and checked a few rooms. Some were frighteningly dirty, or as Alex wou…

Perugia, Naaaapuli and kissing Italy goodbye.

Can you imagine my surprise when about a year and a half ago, when Alex and I still had the jewellery business, I received an e-mail from an Italian guy I met years ago? I met Fabio for the first time some 14 years ago, whilst on a ferry going from Italy to the Greek Islands! Out of nowhere I receive an e-mail asking if it was really me! To cut a long story short, Fabio googled my name, and up I came! Remember that we had a business web site, so my name came up immediately. Come on, how many OmbrettaZanettis are there in Australia? Needless to say, I promptly e-mailed back, and before we knew it, we had set up "skype date" (I repeat, computer technology.....where would we be without it?) We were soon chatting away like no time had passed, and I promised that I would swing through Italy, as you do, when we passed through on our upcoming world trip.

So, some 17 months later and 11 months into our trip, I contacted Fabio to say that we were coming. Although both originally from…