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An assault on the senses - Welcome to Egypt!

I have travelled far and wide, but amount of reading nor research, could have prepared me for Egypt! It has been an assault on the senses in a variety of mind-blowing ways! Egypt requires you to use all of your senses... at once, which often proved to be a difficult, if not at the very least, a supremely challenging task. Not impossible though, as I believe that all things are possible, but, truth be told, this country has pushed me to the upper echelon of my highest limit!

Egypt is dirty, exciting, chaotic, frenetic and steeped in a multitude of ancient historical monuments! The people are as varied as the country itself.......kind, helpful, out for your money, and always hassling you. People want to chat! People want "baksheesh" (tips) for everything from lifting a bag to giving you directions! We met a plethora of supremely kind folk who were willing to give us their hearts! We met an equal amount who were eager to rip you off in a heartbeat! You work it …

The ¨Americas¨ sojourn comes to an end.

Again, both Puebla and Taxco were places that I had visited on my last Mexican trip, but I remembered both fondly, and embraced the opportunity to be able to "show" Alex. The beauty of this world trip has been both experiencing new places with Alex, as well as revisiting places that I have already visited, also with Alex! I must say, the sharing has been phenomenal! The experiencing of new things together has been amazing, but going back to places already visited and being able to share them with my soul mate has also been a unique as well as an extraordinary experience.

Puebla is very close to Mexico City, and the largest place we had been to in ages. It is also renowned for its superb food. As it is quite large, it did not seem as intimate as the places we had been to in recent months, but again, if you take the time to walk, probe and explore, the little treasures that can be found are astonishing. Puebla has many colonial pockets, which can again be seen in its various bu…

The many faces of Mexico.

Despite our four blogs on Cuba, I still feel that there was so much that I excluded. This was not intentional, but rather every time I touched on a topic, I felt like was opening up a whole new big can of worms, unable to control the tangents produced! Hopefully, we will be able to share many more Cuban tales face to face.
Last but not least, these are our final blogs on the Americas, (as we publish this blog, we have already spent over 3 weeks in, and are about to leave Egypt. Although hard to believe, we have already surpassed the nine month mark! This time has been spent in North America, including Canada and Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean). Whilst we have enjoyed ourselves immensely as well as seen and learnt a lot, we also feel ready for a change of pace and culture.

So, here are our Mexican tales:

Our last three weeks here have been exciting and varied, which includes the food! We both agree that Mexico has, without a doubt, the best food in all the Americas! That´s a h…