The world is NOT your ashtray!

By Ombi and Alex - October 01, 2006

Yes, the time has come for me to have a really good bitch about how some (please note the some, as I do not want to implicate every smoker here) smokers seem to have adopted the motto of the "The World is my Ashtray", either wittingly or unwittingly. I cannot quite understand it......I ask both smokers and non-smokers alike: Where do you think that a cigarette butt ends up once it has been thrown it on the floor, road or pavement?

The straw that broke the camel's back was when Alex and I visited the Niagara Falls a couple of days ago. Here we are, standing infront of a thundering cascade, one of the world's most outstanding natural wonders, taking in the breathtaking sights, and all around us, besides tourists from all over the world, and a lot of them, are butts everywhere. Let me add that there were more butts than tourists! I am absolutely serious here! At one point, I was so disgusted that whilst Alex was taking photos and admiring the awe-inspring beauty of the falls, I was counting cigarette butts! And I could not help but wonder why they were there?

I would like you all to consider this: It takes over 200 years for a cigarett butt to decompose! You would actually be far better off throwing a tissue or piece of paper on the ground, as it biodegradeable.....but you don', why a cigarett butt? Also consider this: Where do you think that a cigarette butt ends up once thrown on the floor? When it rains, a normal and common worlwide phenomenon, it washes all of these butts into sewers, waterways, rivers, streams and oceans, not only polluting our waterways but also killing and damaging fish and wildlife. Some of you may have heard my cries of "Please don't be an environmental vandal", but I am urging each and every one of you to be aware and conscious of your actions.

If you smoke it is absolutely your choice, but each and every one of us has the right to enjoy this earth as it was given to us, without garbage and butts scattered everywhere. Especially in first world countries, there are rubbish bins everywhere, and never one too far from where you are next time you have a cigarette, walk to the bin and butt it out!


My bit...Really when I think of developed countries I think: organized, educated and aware of where they at, but in reality they're totally different. The more I see the less I want, the more you have the less conscious you become. I ask to myselfe ; Does developed means aware? And does aware means conscious? Let’s start being more conscious and aware of what is happening around our lives and the world the we live in, our kids will benefit from it!!!


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3 comentarios

  1. Hola Ombi and Alex, Sunday morning in Melbourne and around the world in my heart with you guys. Sensational stuff, wishing you all the best and looking forward to hear more, love Pavlina and family

  2. I love your blogs and they brighten up my time when I'm stuck in the Sahara on this oil camp. I am so totally with you about cigarette butts. Smokers litter the planet with no regard to what happens to their dog-ends when they drop them. Well said!! And I love the bit about the Masai project. Will get on that site later. Take care of yourselves and keep those blogs coming!! Love, Caroline

  3. Ombi, Alex un caluroso abrazo desde ésta su bella islita de Culebra, recibi tu postal, y les agradezco mucho los comentarios que hicieras aqui en tu site, gracias por tus palabras. Ombi no te perdono que hayas pasado tu cumpleaños sin mi, bueno espero que en un futuro te pueda celebrar tu cumpleaños en Soní. Alex gracias por abrirme tu corazón y recibirme, a ti Ombi te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor, siempre cuenta conmigo, aqui estaré esperando que nuestra amistad crezca conforme al tiempo. Cuidense mucho, que Dios les bendiga siempre, con mucho cariño...Eddie


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