Destination # 1 - Fitchburg.....

By Ombi and Alex - August 21, 2006

Where is Fitchburg you may ask? To be honest until Kobie and Liz moved here several years ago, I had not heard of it either! Who are Kobie and Liz? Just wait!!!!!!!

We left Melbourne on the morning of the 18th August, where QF93 took us to LA, in the US of A. Apart from going through our small backpacks like with a microscopic toothcomb, and the fact that it seemed to take forever, we seemed to have no problems. Not to be distressed or deterred by the airlines new anti-terror campaign of "no toothpaste, no gel, nothing in jars and bottles" number, the Queen of Toiletries (aka Ombi) was NOT to be defeated. Plaque- covered teeth I could deal with, cracked lips I could not....step in self-seal plastic bags....I grabbed one and smeared it with lip balm and shoved it in the back of my packpack......yes, it slipped through undetected, and we were both able to participate in the "un-cracked lips" experience!!!! So, who cares about those plaquey teeth!

Once in LA, there was a four and a half hour "lay-over" (Aussie translation - stop over), then followed by a five and a half hour flight, with American Airlines. I asked the Flight Attendant if they had any little tubes of toothpaste or moisturiser on board to which he replied, "Sorry Mam, those aren't included on our domestic flight services"! What can I say!

We finally arrived at Boston airport at 9.30pm, on the same day as we left, due to the time difference, and were picked up by Kobie,Liz and baby Daniel. Kobie is one of my closest friends, for those of you that do not know, Liz is her partner, and Daniel their beautiful new 9 week old baby boy, and he is adorable. Then the one and a half hour drive back to Fitchburg. A quick snack and off to bed!

We were exhausted - heads hit pillows and we were out! Is anybody surprised that we woke up at midday the next day?


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  1. Hi !!!
    This is a comment by Fabio and Federica : Your trip is very long time... so we must say " GGoooooooooooooooodd Trrrriiiiiippppp". However tomorrow 28.08.2006 we'll go to Mauritius for Honey moon for two week but its... is to short


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