Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Big Apple...or Fruit Salad?????????

Alex, myself, his mum (Rocio), her partner Jim from Peru, little sister Angie (8 years old and born in the States), sister Karen from Ecuador and our neice and nephew Denisse (13) and Axel(9)....are all here in his mum's apartment in Queens, New York. I am calling us "the international contingent"....we are from everywhere and we live everywhere! As you can imagine things are pretty full on at the moment, but Alex's mum is overjoyed at having us all here.

Each morning seems to start so late as we seem to be going to bed way past midnight! Chatting, playing, walking the streets of Manhattan, exploring.......a couple of days ago we took the Statten Island Ferry across to Statten Island. It's a cheap way (free) of being able to go past the Statue of Liberty. Although you don't get to be really up close and personal, you certainly get to see what the USA's most photographed and talked about land mark is all about.

I personally have been overwhelmed by US consumerism.......and that is not to say that we don't have it in Australia...yesterday I found myself asking myself, "What's worse? Not having enough, as in Ecuador, or having way too much as in the USA?" At the end of the day, here they have what we have.......but much more of each thing! I picked up some clothes and looked at one of the price tags, USD$1.99....and I asked myself how long somebody had worked to make it, and how little they had been paid! Yet we continue to buy! Someone's enjoyment always seems to come at someone else's pain. I won't bore you with my philosophising, but it's the Ombi touch and what I beleive in.

The weather has been not so hot, but extremely humid, so even when you are wearing shorts you feel a little sticky, but it sure beats hot plus humid, which we have also experienced on other trips. It does make you feel lethargic, however.

Today, we have not decided what to do yet. Actually, all are sleeping except Alex and his mum, who are cuddled up in bed. What a nice thing to see!

Besos (kisses)


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  1. OK, I just have to comment on this one Ombi. I hope I don't bore you with my philosophising either, but you ask about consumerism, what's worse - not enough, or too much (consumerism). You know my views on this, (both my kids call billboards "commercial crap", and I have even taught the little one - 3 years old - to take junk mail straight to the recycle bin). I ask this: how can you have too little consumerism? To me, it's like having too little cancer, or too little war. Ecuador sounds like a paradise in that sense. As for someone's enjoyment coming at someone else's pain, well that's pretty much the way it is. The whole rich world is the way it is because of the poor world's submission, and we all benefit from it. It sucks. Enough philosophising.

    So, on a happier note... did you know that you can get in trouble taking pictures around town in the rotten apple? I mean the Big Apple. Watch out for those black helicopters Ombi :(

    kisses to you and Alex.