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Bienvenidos a la Gran Manzana...o ensalada de frutas!

La Gran Manzana

Es casi una semana en New York luego de pasar unos dias con nuestros amigos cerca a Boston. La vida y los dias vienen y van y el ritmo de esta ciudad camina tres veces mas rapido que la mente, pero como estamos en vacaciones realmente, no dejamos que nos afecte si no disfrutamos de lo que esta selva de concreto que tiene para ofrecer. Con mas de ocho millones de personas concreto y ventanales por todos lados, sin duda alguna un lugar unico y lleno de cosas por ver y aprender. Porque ensalada de frutas? Porque una simple manzana no es suficiente para describir las diferentes experiencias que se puede vivir en un lugar lleno de diferentes nacionalidades, culturas religiones, colores de tez y ojos, nos vemos diferentes, sentimos y pensamos diferente, todo un rito al ser humano...

La mejor de las experiencias hasta hoy es el compartir con mi familia, todos vivimos en lugares diferentes y el poder reunirnos en la casa de mi mami es lo mejor. Camina aqui camina alla hemos exp…

The Big Apple...or Fruit Salad?????????

Alex, myself, his mum (Rocio), her partner Jim from Peru, little sister Angie (8 years old and born in the States), sister Karen from Ecuador and our neice and nephew Denisse (13) and Axel(9)....are all here in his mum's apartment in Queens, New York. I am calling us "the international contingent"....we are from everywhere and we live everywhere! As you can imagine things are pretty full on at the moment, but Alex's mum is overjoyed at having us all here.

Each morning seems to start so late as we seem to be going to bed way past midnight! Chatting, playing, walking the streets of Manhattan, exploring.......a couple of days ago we took the Statten Island Ferry across to Statten Island. It's a cheap way (free) of being able to go past the Statue of Liberty. Although you don't get to be really up close and personal, you certainly get to see what the USA's most photographed and talked about land mark is all about.

I personally have been overwhelmed by US consu…

Ombi in Fitchburg...Alex in New York

Such an early separation! Well, you know , we're not the velcro twins, so we're coping! Seriously, Alex left a few days ago, to be with his family in New York. His mum and little sister, Angie live there, and his older sister Karen, and two children, Denisse and Axel flew there a few days ago. Alex's mum has taken time off work, and the others will be there until early September, so it's like a big reunion. I am spending a few more days with Kobie, Liz and gorgeous baby Daniel, and then I will make my way to New York tomorrow.

I could say that I ahve been packing in my days with a million things, but you know......I have been relaxing, sleeping in(YES, you DID read correctly!), spending quality time with Kobie and her family and riding the bike(the indoors stationary one, and I am proud to say that I still have it in me to do an hour....and yesterday I did an hour and a quarter....just to prove to myself that I could!!!!). To be perfectly honest, after five years of run…

Destination # 1 - Fitchburg.....

Where is Fitchburg you may ask? To be honest until Kobie and Liz moved here several years ago, I had not heard of it either! Who are Kobie and Liz? Just wait!!!!!!!

We left Melbourne on the morning of the 18th August, where QF93 took us to LA, in the US of A. Apart from going through our small backpacks like with a microscopic toothcomb, and the fact that it seemed to take forever, we seemed to have no problems. Not to be distressed or deterred by the airlines new anti-terror campaign of "no toothpaste, no gel, nothing in jars and bottles" number, the Queen of Toiletries (aka Ombi) was NOT to be defeated. Plaque- covered teeth I could deal with, cracked lips I could not....step in self-seal plastic bags....I grabbed one and smeared it with lip balm and shoved it in the back of my packpack......yes, it slipped through undetected, and we were both able to participate in the "un-cracked lips" experience!!!! So, who cares about those plaquey teeth!

Once in LA, there was …