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By Ombi and Alex - July 18, 2006

Hi all!!!!

Ombi and I are leaving Australia in August, for our sabbatical/ holiday/discovering trip around the globe. We are so looking forward to being able to share histories, images and thoughts of this amazing world that we live in.
We will head to USA, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic) in the Americas, then flight from Mexico to Madrid and Egypt. Going across the Mediterranean sea awaits Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia by land on the way to Rome, from where we will fly to Barcelona. Following the southern cost of Spain and going across to reach Casablanca in back to Madrid and departing from France to Asia. Hong Kong (China), Tokyo (Japan), Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, by road going through Cambodia, Finishing in Bangkok (Thailand) from where we will be finally head back home. Ummm. One of the sad Moments!!!!

I Hope we can make it in a year...Who knows we will see!.

Map of the countries that we will vist:

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2 comentarios

  1. I don't think it will be a sad moment when you come home. By that time you'll be happy to be back - and see friends and family again.

    Anyway, looking forward to enjoying the journey vicariously!

  2. Have a great trip, i'm only sorry there is no room for an extra as i would be there with you guys.
    A yeaar wont be long enough! i hope you squeeze it all in.....
    Will miss you guys, and look forward to the journey journal! That is what i call mine.


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